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Since 2012 Sterytec, has been committed to providing proper transport, storage, treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste to small, medium and large medical waste generators throughout the State of Florida.

Sterytec’s core services includes pickup, treatment and transport of regulated medical waste. Our clients include dental practices, hospitals, physician practices, medical centers, veterinary, walk in clinics and other industry waste generators.

We aim to become the most trusted name in medical waste services Our cost effective approach helps provide efficient on-time services, while helping our clients stay in compliance with all Local, State and Federal Regulations at an affordable cost while helping conserve the environment and patient and employee safety in your practice.

Customized Regulated Medical Waste Services tailored to your specific needs Our regulated medical waste services can help your practice reduce any potential liabilities and minimize your costs. We work together to create a customized-medical waste plan that aligns with your practice’s objectives.
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