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Sterytec is licensed and insured to provide medical waste pick up, and disposal throughout the state Florida. We provide collection, transport, storage and treatment of your biomedical waste.

We perform a compliance check, evaluate your program and customize a medical waste management plan for your facility. From daily pickups to monthly visits, small bio-medical waste collection boxes all the way up to large bio-medical waste bins.

Sterytec uses autoclave sterilization method meeting all safety and regulations as per FDOH. We will design a medical waste solution that will accommodate your budget and your needs, while keeping your practice safe and compliant. Upon your service visit, you will be awarded a manifest detailing the medical waste generated for that visit. These manifests are stored at your facility to meet generator requirements in the state of Florida.

Safety is our priority, and to minimize potential risk and fines we offer the most complete OSHA Trainings and Certification on BBP, HAZCOM, HIPPA, MSDS/SDS. This will ensure your staff is aware of proper procedures and handling of biomedical waste.

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